Meal Ideas: Classic fish and chip with tartar sauce

This is such an easy dinner for a busy family! We use meat alternatives a few times a week when Aubrey is home hoping to help her transition to veganism at our home .  These fishless fillet by Gardin are so good. Not only do they look like traditional fish fillets, but Aubrey(7) approves of the flavor. She thought it was regular fish fillets.

We usually bake the fillets and they are always super crunchy. We are so tempted to try them deep fried next time.  To go with these fishless fillets we made homemade french fries!  We made big,fat fries out of red potatoes. Fried them to perfection in our new deep fryer and salted with a generous amount of sea salt.

I can’t recommend enough how much better making fries at home is. I know deep frying them is unhealthy but it still beats a drive thru fry in my opinion. Of course you can cook frozen fries with this but I highly recommend trying to make your own. Deep fried or baked, Home made fries taste WAY better!!  Dust and I had some balsamic vinegar on our fries for a tangy treat. I love fries and vinegar!!

We used our tartar sauce as dip. Of course it tasted divine on the fish and chips.  If you think you can’t have the meals you used to eat before going vegan you are wrong. I m amazed daily with what we try and how similar it tastes to the cruelty version!  Here is the link to the tartar recipe!


Hope you guys try these out with your little picky eaters or as a quick dinner when you’re in a pinch!

First blog post-WELCOME!!



Oh my goodness! Is someone actually reading this? I doubt it.  But if you are thank you for visiting our little piece of the internet.  We have this website but our main focus will be youtubing our experience! You can find us on youtube under Vegan Strength. The link is here –> VEGAN STRENGTH ON YOUTUBE

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  We are a vegan couple from Winnipeg,Manitoba,Canada.  We decided to start this blog to share all of the information and knowledge we learn throughout our adventures through veganism!   We have 2 children Harlynn(1) and Aubrey(7) and to say the least we live busy lives but we always make time to enjoy delicious, nutritious plant based meals together.

  We hope you enjoy our content! We hope to inspire and show others that going vegan can be not only an easy transition but a fun one too! We aim to prove that going vegan can make families healthier and grow closer together.  We plan to post a lot of videos and recipes to help you make exciting, tasty, plant based dishes your family will enjoy. As well as focusing on fitness exercises and information.

Thanks again and we hope you enjoy this new adventure.

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