Meal Ideas: homemade vegan pizza pops!

These were a hit at our house. Fun to make together as a family, and tasty! These are easily freezable after you make them and easy to customize. 

We recommend organic sauce with lots of organic veggies and a dash(or dump) of nutritional yeast. We added dayia shredded cheese and it was divine.  

As I mentioned these are freezable, so these made an excellent school lunch. I heat them up right as we leave,pop them in Aubreys thermos and they are warm for her lunch time!

Here is the link to the recipe we used -> Dairy free pizza pockets

We only managed to snap a picture as they were heading for the oven!


Sweet Vegan Whipped Cream

For our first try at whipped cream, not bad! I wasnt to concerned because we were using it to play Aubreys new PIE FACE game. Turned out pretty good, I just wanted it to be good enough she wouldn’t complain and eye roll “ugh vegan whipped cream nooooo”. I will update if I try again and make it taste better but this was pretty good!

You will need:

-can of full fat coconut milk

-2 tablespoons of powdered sugar

-3 tablespoons of vanilla extract

Chill a can of coconut milk in fridge overnight. Throw a metal bowl and whipping utensil in freezer 1 hour prior to making. Open can and place thick white creamy milk from can into the chilled bowl.  The left over water can be used for other things but not needed for this recipe.  Whip for about 5 on low, then add sugars and vanilla. Whip for 2-3 more minutes. Serve immediately.

I haven’t tried this on pies or anything so I am not sure how it would hold up. It was pretty good for a while at least good enough for a game we were smearing whipped “cream” on our face for.   It melted quickly but I could see it being so tasty on a hot bevy!



Meal Ideas: Classic fish and chip with tartar sauce

This is such an easy dinner for a busy family! We use meat alternatives a few times a week when Aubrey is home hoping to help her transition to veganism at our home .  These fishless fillet by Gardin are so good. Not only do they look like traditional fish fillets, but Aubrey(7) approves of the flavor. She thought it was regular fish fillets.

We usually bake the fillets and they are always super crunchy. We are so tempted to try them deep fried next time.  To go with these fishless fillets we made homemade french fries!  We made big,fat fries out of red potatoes. Fried them to perfection in our new deep fryer and salted with a generous amount of sea salt.

I can’t recommend enough how much better making fries at home is. I know deep frying them is unhealthy but it still beats a drive thru fry in my opinion. Of course you can cook frozen fries with this but I highly recommend trying to make your own. Deep fried or baked, Home made fries taste WAY better!!  Dust and I had some balsamic vinegar on our fries for a tangy treat. I love fries and vinegar!!

We used our tartar sauce as dip. Of course it tasted divine on the fish and chips.  If you think you can’t have the meals you used to eat before going vegan you are wrong. I m amazed daily with what we try and how similar it tastes to the cruelty version!  Here is the link to the tartar recipe!


Hope you guys try these out with your little picky eaters or as a quick dinner when you’re in a pinch!

Best Ever Vegan Tartar Sauce?


 I debated calling this the best vegan tartar. Was it the best? It was only my 4th time making it but man it was good. Dustin told me later “It’s safe to call it the best, i tried it again and its so good!” So there you have it, for now this is the yummiest vegan tartar sauce ever.  We serve this with Gardins Fish-less fillets. So good! Taste just like traditional fish and chips but with none of the poor dead fishy!!

You will need :

-1 cup of vegan mayo

-3 tablespoons of sweet relish

-1-2 tablespoons of shredded white onion

-pink Himalayan rock salt )or salt of choice)

-pepper to taste

-2 tablespoons of lemon juice

-seasonings of choice. I recommend garlic powder or onion powder just to taste, but this is optional.

Mic all ingredients together in a bowl.  Set in the fridge for a few hours, or overnight for tastiest results!



Oreo Chocolate bark ? Kinda vegan I guess

I can’t get over how yummy this is and EASY. Takes literally 5 minutes, the hardest part is waiting for it to freeze! Especially if you make it thick!!! This is my second time at the recipe and it was just as good.  So easy to customize or double or triple. I used oreos and shredded coconut.  Crushed peppermint like left over candy canes is good too or nuts!  And now my dreams are crushed as I have learned oreos are not vegan friendly….GRRR


-1/3 melted coconut oil

-1/3 cup of cocoa powder

-crushed oreos

-1/3 shredded coconut grinder

– pink Himalayan rock salt to taste

Melt the oil and mix in a high speed blender or food processor.(I use my ninja with the food processing attachment)

Line a pan with parchment paper, scoop the gooey mess in, crush your toppings sprinkle your coconut and pop in the freezer! Sprinkle salt to help cut the bitterness !

Wait for it to freeze and enjoy. Best served from the freezer as it tends to melt. A little goes a long way alone. Also great crushed up as a topping on Nice cream or in a granola mix as a special treat. YUM


What 85 days of Veganism feels like.

85 days ago we decided to stop contributing to the madness.

We decided to fight the mainstream and do what we knew in our souls is best for our health and our family.

We knew it was going to be tough. Mostly coming to terms with the fact that we are now vegan in a meat eating world.  It is hard realizing the truth about our world and society. It can become rather depressing when you realize everything you thought about food and nutrition is a lie.  It can also be hard to deal with the idea that you have personally been conditioned to accept this madness as the norm.

Using animals for anything is WRONG. They are not ours to exploit for taste or tradition or any reason for that matter. They are not for us to use in anyway. We do not need to eat animals to survive. Ask the vegans who live on average 7 years longer than a meat eater!!

These past 85 days have been truly life changing and phenomenal for us both. We have drastically changed our lives. I am so proud of how much healthier we both are living.

Dustin and I used to binge on fast food, dairy, meat, pop and every other unhealthy food imaginable.  Health was never the reason we ate, we ate for fun, for taste, for pleasure.  And in turn that made our unhealthy and sluggish.  When we saw Forks over Knifes and realized our diet and lifestyle was seriously doing us damage we decided to make a change.

We started not buying anymore animal products and used up what we had left or gave it away.  We watched cooking videos and veganism videos to keep us educated and motivated.  We cooked together and looked up vegan versions of our favorite foods.

Going vegan truly brought us closer. It made us both healthy spiritually and physically.  It helped us truly connect to our core values and morals, and living like that has a profound effect on your outlook on life and your place in this web of life.

85 days vegan and I have lost 25 pounds. All I did was cut out all animal products. I still eat vegan junk food and have not exercised much.  Dustin has gained 10 pounds and has gotten much more muscular. We both had very different health goals for ourselves but a vegan diet can  healthfully achieve both muscle gain and fat loss.

85 days vegan and we feel so good! Never looking back. Now to reach our 2017 goals. Personally I want to focus more on wholesome, whole foods and limit my processed food consumption. We also want to help more people go vegan this year and show others that it is not as hard as it may seem!

We hope everyone has an amazing New Year and uses this new year as a motivator for personal change!!!micca-4




To celebrate the New Year and our new blog we are doing a small give away!

2 people will win a free vegan starter kit!!

Each kit will contain:

Peta starter kit magazine,helpful recipes and vegan alternatives, informative book and movie recommendations, personal 24/7 online support for as long as you want, vegan shopping guide,  tips for transitioning, and one special handmade vegan treat.!!

Currently this is open to Canadian residents only. We hope to do more giveaways in the future and to include everyone from every part of the world.

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First blog post-WELCOME!!



Oh my goodness! Is someone actually reading this? I doubt it.  But if you are thank you for visiting our little piece of the internet.  We have this website but our main focus will be youtubing our experience! You can find us on youtube under Vegan Strength. The link is here –> VEGAN STRENGTH ON YOUTUBE

We are also on facebook here –> LIKE VEGAN STRENGTH ON FACEBOOK

Instagram too! –> @veganstrengthcanada

  We are a vegan couple from Winnipeg,Manitoba,Canada.  We decided to start this blog to share all of the information and knowledge we learn throughout our adventures through veganism!   We have 2 children Harlynn(1) and Aubrey(7) and to say the least we live busy lives but we always make time to enjoy delicious, nutritious plant based meals together.

  We hope you enjoy our content! We hope to inspire and show others that going vegan can be not only an easy transition but a fun one too! We aim to prove that going vegan can make families healthier and grow closer together.  We plan to post a lot of videos and recipes to help you make exciting, tasty, plant based dishes your family will enjoy. As well as focusing on fitness exercises and information.

Thanks again and we hope you enjoy this new adventure.

Go Vegan!

For the animals♥

For your health♥

For the planet♥